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We are a brand new 2022 Customs RSPS looking to change the way you see gameplay. Here at Spiral, we believe in innovation and sustainability. Join us today to see how far your Journey in this community can really go!

Recent News

MilkyWay 07 Hours ago
Initial Project Infrastructure

Now that the project is back up and running, we have updated all Item Stats, begun the new raids design work, and are implementing total KC reqs for Event Bosses and also tiering those out. A new home map and new donor zone is in progress as we get ready to launch our Beta! Stay tuned for more updates on these threads

MilkyWay 12 Hours ago
GFX Overhaul

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I have been working on new icons for the discord and the interfaces etc! Also working on making the login background animated as well so be sure to check that out.

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  • Soloman received 1x Blaziken Platebody 12 Minutes Ago
  • MilkyWay received 2x Salvage Tokens 4 Hours Ago
  • 420Guy received 3x Classic Mystery Boxes 3.5 Hours Ago
  • Marz received 5x Scratch Cards 8 Hours Ago
  • Larey received 1x Bloody AOE Tuesday
  • Ligerz received 1x Tesla Cyber Truck Wednesday
  • PenguinL0rd received 1x Blastoise C'Bow Wednesday
  • Cameron received 3x Xtreme Mystery Box Wednesday
  • Sally received 1x Venasaur Battle Staff Wednesday
  • N0nc3 received 99x Fuser Tokens Wednesday
  • Lemmonz received 1x Goku Mystery Box Wednesday

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